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Outer Limit Recording Studio

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Are you an independent artist looking for a professional online mixing and mastering service?

Ken Rutkowski

Look no further. Outer Limit Recording Studio can AND WILL give you the BEST chance at impressing the label, getting hits online, selling CDs and mp3s, or getting the gigs that you're looking for by giving you the best mixing and mastering at a very fair price.

Here's why Outer Limit Recording Studio is the company you want to use to finish your project:

  • Experience - Outer Limit has been amazing clients for over two decades. Our chief engineer has been playing instruments since before the age of three, can play half-a-dozen of them fluently and dabbles in others, has a full four-year music-intensive degree in Sound Recording Technology, and opened Outer Limit Recording Studio in 1993.
  • In our city we're the absolute go-to studio for recording, mixing, and mastering.
  • We can get it done FAST for you. Depending on the scope and quality of the songs you send, and if there are no snags with respect to formats, we can generally turn around a project in less than a week.
  • You can choose to be sent a CD (audio or data) or receive files in many formats and resolutions over the internet, including high-resolution mp3s
  • Convenient payment options – Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted
  • We offer discounts on multiple-song projects
  • We supply Red Book compliant results

What is Mixing?

Mixing is the process in which we take all of the elements; the kick, the snare, hats, toms, bass, guitars, harmonica, glockenspiel, chickens, vocals... whatever, and balance them perfectly to give you the professional sound that you need to compete.

Mixing also includes adding effects like compression, EQ, reverb, delay, chorus and dozens of others to make your song stand out above anything you've done before - and to stand out above your competition.

If you give us good, cleanly-recorded songs, we'll give you GREAT results! We've been listening, learning, and paying attention to the top acts out there for decades, and we know all the tricks and techniques to giving you the fullest, most crisp and professional sound.

What is CD Mastering?

Why Do I Need It If My Song Has Been Mixed?

CD mastering, also called Digital Mastering, Audio Mastering, Mastering, Music Mastering, or in this case Online Mastering, is the process whereby we put the finishing touches on the mix. There are many processes and techniques in the mastering process that simply cannot be done during the mixing process. Think of mixing like creating an incredible cake. Mixing is like collecting the absolute best, tastiest ingredients and mixing them in perfect proportions in the proper order and then baking them into a work of art. Mastering is the frosting and decoration on the cake. There's no way to frost it first or even during the process, just like there's no way to master as part of a mix.

We use mastering to do many things, but the first thing you'll notice is that your songs are LOUDER, CLEARER, WIDER, and HIT HARDER. The more you listen to your mastered songs, the more things you'll notice. You'll hear that all of the individual instruments and vocals that you thought were great are now even better... you'll hear that the mix has a certain cohesiveness that it didn't have before - that it sounds like a SONG instead of just a collection of elements... you'll hear that the bass KICKS, if appropriate, of course, and that the high-end SHINES. In short, your music will have just taken a giant step toward being RADIO READY.

The mastering job that we will do for you can be the difference between success and failure in the very competitive music industry. Let Outer Limit give you the edge over your competitors.

If you're ready to have your CD mastered, check out our mastering rates and guidelines today to submit your order.

If you don't know the power of mastering and would like a sample, you can send us a song that we'll master a portion of FOR FREE with no obligation. We're very confident that you'll love what you hear and come right back for more.

There's no reason NOT to give us a try. We'll send a sample back after working on your music, and if you're not fully satisfied, we'll refund 100% of your money.

Here’s some common questions we get asked, if you don’t see your question below
or need clarification don’t hesitate to ask us

Can you make me/my group sound like x?

Well, I can make you sound MORE like x than you do now, but no studio or engineer can make you sound like a different person, nor can we make your drummer’s Toys R Us drum set sound like Metallica’s. If your performances, your equipment, and the recordings are great, then the final product will be incredible. Additionally, don’t you want to sound like the best YOU that you can?

In general, here’s how it works. The better it starts, the better it gets. At Outer Limit we can absolutely make your music boatloads better than it did when you sent it to us.

Think of it this way… You own two houses. One is crisp and clean and new, but you don’t like the color. The other, right next to it, is old and falling apart, the shutters are hanging by one hinge, the paint is peeling, some boards are bowed, and the whole house leans to the left a little. You hire an expert painter to paint both of them. Obviously, one is going to look better than the other when he’s finished, even though he’s an expert at what he does. Music is the same way. Both houses will be greatly improved, but the house from 1908 still won’t look as good as the new one.

Will the chief engineer mix and master my songs?

ALWAYS... the higher level interns or employees may do some of the setup work and preliminary processes, but that’s just so that Ken can jump right in and get to the musical stuff that really makes magic happen. If you request it for some reason, you will get only Ken on your project from start to finish; it may just take a little longer to get through the pipeline.

Can I just send you my ProTools, Samplitude, Logic, Audacity, FruityLoops, Reason, etc. folder and let you mix from there?

In short, no. I have some of those programs, but even if I were to run every single one, there’s still no chance that you and I would happen to have the same plugins. There are literally thousands of them out there. See the Formats page for conversion procedures.

What genres or styles do you specialize in?

With all of the experience, years, and playing that we’ve put in, there’s very little that we can’t make sound incredible. I personally haven’t mixed any lesbian zydeco punk, but I’m sure I could really make it kick ass. I guess I would say that I’ve mixed more hip-hop than anything else, but that’s only because it’s the most popular thing that’s recorded these days, not because I’m not as good as any other genre.

Will I be allowed to make revisions?

WIth some services, no. With us, yes. We want your music to shine more than it ever has. You may get a mix back that sounds amazing but doesn’t have a couple of details that you were counting on. Shoot us an email describing exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll fix it up and send it back. These revisions are only at half-price.

What equipment do you use?

Does it matter? It’s all very high-end stuff, but in the end what matters is what it SOUNDS like. Many thousands of people come to Outer Limit, and CONTINUE to come to Outer Limit because of the sound. Feel free to request a Before and After sample in your style of music to see what we mean.

How do I receive my finished files?

After the mixes and masters have been given your final approval, you’ll get the full version in 44.1k 24-bit .wav format and 320kbps Mp3 formats. If requested, we can also include a capella, Vocal Up, Vocal Down, instrumental and even performance versions.

Can I have an ISRC code and an embedded image?

You can only embed ISRC codes and images into mp3s with the ID3 tag or when you’re burning a CD using a program such as CD Architect. We give you a 24 bit, 44.1k wav file because it’s a very high quality standard and can be opened by any program or web service that you might be uploading to. Most of these services will attach the ISRC code as they convert to mp3 format. We will also supply you with a 320k mp3.

What is your phone number?

If you have a question it is best to email us. Emails can easily be checked throughout the day, even when we’re outside the studio, but phone calls can’t be answered when clients are in.


Mixing Rates per song:

  • 1-8 seperate tracks*: $40
  • 9-16 separate tracks*: $60
  • 17-24 separate tracks*: $80

Add $15 per song if Autotune/Elastic Audio/pitch correction is desired.

Add $5 for each additional version desired, such as a capella mixes, instrumental mixes, radio mixes, etc., There is NO CHARGE for VOCAL UP or VOCAL DOWN mixes in addition to the original.

*Songs must be 6 minutes in length or less.  Contact us for songs over this length or for projects with more than 24 tracks.  We can handle them easily, but we’d like to talk to you to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. 


Standard Mastering Rate:

  • $10 per minute of audio material (so a 3-minute song would be $30, a 4-minute song would be $40, etc.)

Bulk Mastering Rate:

  • Anything over six songs get the discount rate of $7.50 per minute.

As an added bonus, any other versions of the same song - for instance an instrumental, a clean version or an a capella version - will be mastered free of charge as long as the separate tracks were provided.

To eliminate all delays in mixing your songs, we require that you send us separate folders for each song with everything we need in each folder. The format MUST be .wav or .aiff files at either 44.1k or 48k, or in a pinch, high-quality mp3s at 320k or above.

You should also disable all automation, plugins, and effects. There is one exception to this; if an effect is one that was used to CREATE the sound or give it its character, leave that on. I need the flexibility to recreate and increase the quality of reverbs, delays, EQ, compression, etc., but if you’ve used a flanged sine wave to create a bass line, or a crazy arpeggiator that I couldn’t possibly know about, leave that on. When in doubt, give me a dry one AND one with effects. That way all of our bases are covered.

Every program has a very simple way to render each track to a separate file and once you learn it, it will be very quick and easy for every time after that.

CAUTION: Depending on your program, some of these processes will change your file IF YOU SAVE THE CHANGES. Don’t do that. If you tell a program to reset all effects and then save it, you may have to remix. There are two very simple ways around that. The first is: Don’t Save. The second is to do a quick Save As when you first open your song and name it “Next Hit to Outer Limit” or something like that. This way your original file remains exactly as it was.

Select a Program:

Pro Tools
  1. Bring up your song, “Next Hit.”
  2. Bring up the editing window so that you can see every single sound file that’s used.
  3. Marquee select from the very end of the last song to the very beginning across all tracks.
  4. Click on Edit in the top menu, then “Consolidate Clip.”
  5. Go to your “Audio Files” folder for “Next Hit” and sort by date.
  6. Select everything that was created just a minute ago and drag into a new folder.
  7. Send that folder to me.
  1. Bring up your song, “Next Hit.”
  2. Bring up the editing window so that you can see every single sound file that’s used.
  3. On the right hand side of the mixer in the master bus section, click Reset, then Stereo.
  4. Click on File in the top menu, then “Track Bouncing.”
  5. Under Routing, select Master. Under Horizontal, select From VIP start to last object. Under Vertical/Special functions, select All Audible Tracks Individually (Multitrack Bounce). Under Generate, select Create New Audio File. Under Format, select Wave, 24-bit, and 48000.
  6. After hitting OK, create a new folder labeled “Separate Tracks for “Next Hit” by (your name).”
  7. Send that folder to me
  1. Bring up your song, “Next Hit.”
  2. Click on File, Export, All Tracks as Audio Files.
  3. Check “New Folder” and “Bypass effect plug-ins” to save the dry files in one folder. Also select 44.1k or 48k and .wav files in this section.
  4. Click the save button to export.
  5. Send the generated files to me.
  1. Bring up your song, “Next Hit.”
  2. Set up the Left and Right locators at the start and end of what you want exported.
  3. Solo the first channel while bypassing the effects.
  4. Select File, Export Loop As Audio File.
  5. Navigate to a new folder and label it.
  6. Hit Save, then select 44.1k or 48k and at least 16-bit.
  7. Hit OK.
  8. Repeat 3-7 for all separate tracks.
  9. Send the entire folder to me.
FL Studio
  1. Bring up your song, “Next Hit.”
  2. On the mixer, mute all unused tracks and turn off all effects.
  3. Click File, Export, .wav file and make sure that 44.1k or 48k is selected.
  4. Choose destination folder
  5. Check “Split by mixer track”
  6. Click Export.
  7. Send the resulting folder to me.
Garage Band
  1. Bring up your next song, “Next Hit.”
  2. Disable all automation, plugins, etc.
  3. Solo the first track and select “Export Song to Disk” from the Share pull-down menu.
  4. Make sure that the Compress box is left unchecked, be sure the files are set to 44.1k or 48k .wav files, click Export, and name the file according to the solo track’s contents.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all tracks are exported.
  6. Send the resulting folder to me.
  1. Bring up your next song, “Next Hit.”
  2. Select “Export Multiple” from the File menu.
  3. Set Export Format to .wav, 44.1k or 48k, Split Files Based On Tracks, and Name Files Using Label/Track Name.
  4. Export.
  5. Send the resulting folder to me.
Other Programs
  1. Google “Exporting separate tracks in (your program).
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Send the resulting folder to me.