Outer Limit Recording Studio

Buffalo, New York

At Outer Limit Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY we always give you the best recording experience with the highest quality result. The amazingly inspiring atmosphere along with the best behind the board gives you amazing results… every time.


High Quality Recording

Top of the line recording equipment requires a well-educated engineer to create the high quality production you deserve, saving you time, effort, and money.

Professional Mixing

Give your project the tender love and care it deserves. Our Engineers/Producers guarantee your songs will be mixed to the top standards of the Industry.

Professional Mastering

If you mixed it, finish what you started. Leave your project unparalleled with our mastering services to give you a radio-ready product.

Music Production

Outer Limit Beats is up and running with a stock full catalog of beats to choose from. Didn’t find what you were looking for? No problem, we can help you produce the sound you need in our in-house Beat Studio.

Production Suite

The staff at Outer Limit Studios can supply you with one of our highly-gifted composers to help you finish your latest single or album. We also have a list of studio musicians willing and able to help you achieve the sound you are looking for. Let us help you start or finish your masterpiece.

Post Production

Our extremely knowledgeable engineers and producers can handle creating all types of publicity and promotional material for radio, television, voice overs, SFX, jingles and more.

To view a complete list of services that Outer Limit Recording Studio offers, please visit our Services page for more information or give us a call at: 716-886-0554.


“Ken’s vast experience, training, and natural talent combine to give you a virtual guarantee that Outer Limit will give you, like so many others before you, a completely satisfying studio experience and an exceptional final product.”

“What sets Outer Limit apart from the rest are the intangibles… the ease with which Ken can give you what you want, the comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, and affordability not found anywhere else.”

First recorded with Ken years ago and I have yet to find a match. Amazing recorded and mixed and mastered to perfection in a 2 hour session and got me in within 24 hours notice.

At a time when I needed a cost effective sound engineer, I stumbled upon Outer Limit Recording Studio after some quick research to find one. I was hesitant because online mixing and mastering can be quite a letdown due to the lack of interpersonal contact and communication with the producer. It can be terrifying to record and listen to your own voice, let alone listening to a bad mix and master on it. However, I have been working with Ken and the rest of Outer Limit recording Studio for 8 months so far and I am not planning on using another engineering team whatsoever. Currently, I am waiting on him to mix 9 songs for me and I have another song on the way to him tonight. The engineers at Outer limit recording studio have a great tendency to mix and master my songs without me even suggesting anything. Ken is extremely, very extremely reliable and responsive. He understands the mindset of an artist and is able to envision how an unmixed song should sound. He mixes the beat and vocals very seamlessly, for which I am truly grateful for.

Ken was really accommodating, made all the edits exactly how I wanted and was really fast in getting every song done while not comprising quality!

Ken’s creativity, engineering expertise, and helpful recording tips have taken my home recordings to the next level. During the process of mixing/mastering my album, he has taken the time to get to know me as an artist, and he never stops working until he comes out with exactly the sound I am looking for!

“We were delighted with our experience at Outer Limit Recording Studio. Ken is a professional who vies with those we’ve worked with in LA — kind, calm, and completely competent. The whole studio experience was great and we would recommend (and have recommended him!) highly to others seeking sound recording work or mixing work.”

“Outer Limit is in a class all its own and Ken’s talent and passion are one of a kind.  Other producers do it their way… Ken does it the right way.  Our advice is to not take recording for granted.  Recording is one rung on the ladder of your dreams and Outer Limit has made the first step of our dreams come true.  We’re sure they’ll do the same for you.”

“From the moment you walk in, the staff at Outer Limit makes you feel not only important, but also comfortable.  With state of the art equipment, multiple rooms and the best in  technology, your music has never sounded so good.  Outer Limit Studios is also equipped with a kitchen, 2 game rooms and an exclusive “Writing Room” that can harness even the craziest chi.
As a musician, it is of the utmost importance for me to feel that I am taking full advantage of the time I spend in the studio, Ken at Outer Limit understands that fact and has built a world class studio, right here in Buffalo.  Outer Limit definitely impressed me.”

“Ken approaches all his work, whether it be modern electric beat-scapes or background gospel harmonies, with his ears -and what is between them- fully engaged! He has the musical acuity of a world-class engineer/producer yet the humility, heart and soul of a true gentleman. There is not another engineer that I would prefer to work with in Buffalo or anywhere for that matter.”

“We use Outer Limit all the time for on-air songs and production pieces for our morning show.  Ken is really great to work with and gives us top quality stuff.  His work is extremely professional and we would definitely recommend using him for your next project.”

“Recording with a producer who knows what he’s doing is a new experience for us, and we have been to many other studios in the Western New York area. No other producer even comes close to having the experience and expertise as Ken.  He has a very well-trained ear for music and is very easy to work with. We had a lot of fun but got a lot accomplished. Ken is the shit and that’s all there is to it!”

“Outer Limit is off the hook.  It’s like recording at a NYC studio without the $150 an hour price tag.  Ken makes my shit bang like the pros.  No one’s better!”

“Outer Limit is the real thing.  Ken knows what sounds hot and makes sure that my tracks are bangin’.  It’s nice to have an engineer who treats your project like it’s his own.  Outer Limit has all the things I really need… a laid-back environment, and a cool-as-hell staff that delivers professional results.  I’ve been using Outer Limit for years and wouldn’t consider using another studio for my projects.”

“I been going to Outer Limit almost 10 years… The quality is so pure, I can’t find it else where. I learned how to record music there. I learned how to make beats there also. My best work came out of that studio. Even with my my recent move back to Atlanta. I found myself boarding a plane just to get back in Outer Limit Studio, basically my comfort zone.  I recommend this studio to any artist who is SERIOUS about their career.”