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Look no further. Outer Limit Recording Studio can AND WILL give you the BEST chance at impressing the label, getting hits online, and selling CDs and mp3s by giving you the best mixing and mastering at a very fair price.

Here’s why Outer Limit Recording Studio is the company you want to use to finish your project:

  • Experience – Outer Limit has been amazing clients for over two decades. Our chief engineer has been playing instruments since before the age of three, can play half-a-dozen of them fluently and dabbles in others, has a full four-year music-intensive degree in Sound Recording Technology, and opened Outer Limit Recording Studio in 1993.
  • We have clients from not only across the United States, but in France, New Zealand, Norway, Dubai, Russia, and more.
  • In our city we’re the absolute go-to studio for recording, mixing, and mastering.
  • We can get it done FAST for you. Depending on the scope and quality of the songs you send, and if there are no snags with respect to formats, we can generally turn around a project in less than a week.
  • Convenient payment options – Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted
  • We offer discounts on multiple-song projects

“Ken approaches all his work, whether it be modern electric beat-scapes or background gospel harmonies, with his ears -and what is between them- fully engaged! He has the musical acuity of a world-class engineer/producer yet the humility, heart and soul of a true gentleman. There is not another engineer that I would prefer to work with in Buffalo or anywhere for that matter.”

“We use Outer Limit all the time for on-air songs and production pieces for our morning show.  Ken is really great to work with and gives us top quality stuff.  His work is extremely professional and we would definitely recommend using him for your next project.”

“Outer Limit is the real thing.  Ken knows what sounds hot and makes sure that my tracks are bangin’.  It’s nice to have an engineer who treats your project like it’s his own.  Outer Limit has all the things I really need… a laid-back environment, and a cool-as-hell staff that delivers professional results.  I’ve been using Outer Limit for years and wouldn’t consider using another studio for my projects.”